Hydraulic Fittings

We stock a comprehensive line of hydraulic fittings and adapters in durable steel, brass, and stainless steel with metric, NPT, SAE, and other thread options. Hydraulic systems require fittings designed to withstand constant exposure to corrosive substances or high pressure. These metal fittings connect hoses, tubes, and pipes in a hydraulic system and come in straight, tee, and 45° or 90° elbow styles to accommodate various system configurations. An option of international or metric threads and sizes is available to meet different application needs.

Universal Power Conversion, Inc. stocks hydraulic fittings and adapters in various sizes, styles, and configurations to fit any system. Our inventory includes hydraulic fittings with NPT, JIC, SAE, metric, O-ring boss, and O-ring face seal threads. Material options include brass and stainless steel for corrosion resistance, and steel fittings for high-pressure applications.

Fittings and Adapters for Automated Hydraulic Systems

We supply a broad range of components to configure pipes and tubing throughout your hydraulic system. Select from several styles of hydraulic elbow fittings and hydraulic tee fittings, along with bushings and hydraulic adapters. Use hydraulic fittings in an