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      Mission and Vision

At Controlled Dynamics, our mission is to provide a more versatile alternative to traditional t-slot structural aluminum systems – further expanding the potential of aluminum as the preferred material for structural applications.

We realize our mission by manufacturing precision engineered structural aluminum products that are the epitome of quality, strength, and value.

Our Core Values

Our company core values are inherited directly from owner Frank Oetlinger. Frank approaches his entire personal and professional life with a great sense of integrity, ingenuity, deep social responsibility, and a relentless drive for quality and precision in everything he does – all while maintaining a reasonable sense of humor! The Controlled Dynamics product line is simply the latest testament to these values.
To this extent, the employees of Controlled Dynamics commit to consistently delivering the strongest, highest quality, and most precise structural aluminum systems in the world. We will act in accordance with these shared values when working with customers, suppliers, and other organizations to become models of integrity, efficiency, and social responsibility.

Our Back Story

In the folded carton industry, many of the high-speed presses punch pre-printed sheets of carton blanks at a rate of four sheets per second. Immediately following the cutting process is a blanking tool that separates the box from the leftover cardboard. Prior to 1995, companies were forced to routinely shut down their lines to maintain the blanking tools – tightening loose parts and replacing broken components.

After successfully introducing a presser device for blanking tools in 1995, Blanking Systems Incorporated (BSI) went on to introduce a revolutionary blanking tool system that required no routine maintenance. This was accomplished by fastening the frame of the tools together using angled connection points – creating a locking mechanism that remained intact in these harshly dynamic environments. Within just a few years, Blanking Systems’ ANGLE-LOCK® product line had successfully become the worldwide standard for blanking tools and related equipment.

About five years ago, the idea of generalizing this concept for a different market was realized by the ownership and management teams, and they began working diligently on implementing the ANGLE-LOCK® concept into the modular structural aluminum systems market. Today, after years of engineering, testing, and perfecting, we are eager to share with you the many benefits and advantages of the Controlled Dynamics’ Vortex Connection® based structural aluminum system!

100% Manufactured in the USA, based on…the Strength of a Simple Idea.



Controlled Dynamics currently has 18 dedicated, high-speed CNC machining centers outfitted with high-density, custom fixtures that allow our operators to quickly and efficiently manufacture multiple parts at once. Also, automatic production saws are employed to accurately cut extruded parts, custom-length profiles, and panels of varying materials.

Custom Parts

We realize your needs may include parts that are not currently offered in our catalog, so we created a research and development area allowing our application engineers and CNC programmers to rapidly respond to customer requests for custom or customized parts.
Our R&D area also includes a temperature and humidity controlled wire EDM room we use to quickly produce accurate models of parts under development or even to produce a finished part, depending on the situation.