• Polyconn

Polyconn specializes in developing and supplying high-quality wholesale pneumatic tube, fittings, and components to distributors, OEMs, and MROs. They are your Master WAIRhouse® of fluid power products for any industrial application. Their expansive inventory includes pneumatic manifolds, stainless steel fittings, the unique Duratec® pipe system, and much more.

Polyconn’s History of Growth & Excellence

Over four decades ago, at the request of many OEMs, distributors, and MROs, Polyconn was founded as a division of W.P. Nugent & Co. Inc. They needed a consistent and reliable source of basic pneumatic connection and control devices. Polyconn answered that need.

Soon, they became the go-to supplier for anyone looking for hard-to-find pneumatic components. Their extensive national and international database of supply partners enabled them to locate any fitting, manifold, or component to meet any requirement. As they grew and continued to exceed their customers’ expectations, their vendors recognized their high-quality services. They asked if PolyConn could handle some of their difficult-to-fulfill requests, and they agreed. 

They have successfully served all ends of their supply chain ever since. They understand how to keep your industry flowing smoothly for years to come.

Valves Tube / Hose All Metal Fittings Manifolds
Valves Tube / Hose All Metal Fittings Manifolds
Duratec Composite / Plastic Fittings    
Duratec® Composite / Plastic Fittings