Linear Actuators and Bearings

  • types of linear bearings and actuators

Linear motion systems are configured using linear bearings and guides and can range in size from compact systems designed to move printed circuit boards to large linear actuator systems that move components throughout a distribution center.
Linear actuators and linear bearings with a structural support create a linear motion system.  When a linear motion system is needed, you have two options: create, design, and then purchase the components and assemble it, or you can purchase a device that is already assembled. The assembled systems are referred to as Actuators and can be pneumatically, hydraulically, or electrically driven. Linear actuator systems are utilized by several industries including packaging, material handling, medical, and food processing. 

We Provide Linear Actuator Systems Designed for a Wide Range of Uses 

When selecting linear bearings and guides for your linear actuator system, it is important to consider load capacity as well as the speed, acceleration, travel smoothness and positioning accuracy requirements of your operation.
The types of linear motion systems offered by UPC include:

  • Hydraulic Cylinders: Utilize oil and other hydraulic fluids to produce force in a linear motion. Hydraulic linear guides and rails are ideal for use with large, heavy loads and are offered in three styles.
  • Pneumatic Cylinders: linear guides that use compressed air to produce force. They provide clean and quite operation and are offered in several different styles and configurations.  
  • Pneumatic Rodless Cylinders: rodless linear guides that use compressed air to create linear force and are designed for longer stroke applications  
  • Ball Screws: linear actuators that feature a threaded shaft for use with ball bearings. These linear guides provide close tolerances and are suitable for use in high precision linear motion systems
  • Non-Powered Slides: linear bearings and guides that are designed for use with manually operated linear actuator systems
  • Pneumatic Slides: linear guides and rails that operate using pneumatic power and are commonly used for X-Y configurations.
  • Linear Bearings: linear bearings and guides provide free motion in one direction and are available in motorized and nonmotorized options.

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Linear Actuators for Custom Automation Solutions

Linear actuator systems utilize the energy created by air, electricity or liquids to create motion in a straight line instead of the circular motion produced by conventional electric motors. They are used for industrial machinery and can be operated hydraulically or pneumatically to create push or pull movements. Styles of actuators include track actuators that utilize a sliding block, rod-style actuators featuring a shaft that extends and retracts, and feedback actuators for high precision applications.

Common Uses for Linear Actuator Systems

Linear actuator systems are commonly found in packing and assembly facilities but are also used for a range of other industry applications such as:
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Robotics
  • Farming
  • Medical imaging and diagnostics
  • And more 

Linear Bearings for Use in Linear Motion Systems

Linear bearings and guides are used for guided linear motion applications and include guide wheels, bushings, v-tracks and other components that are used to carry a load on a rail and provide free motion in one direction. Guides can consist of round shafts or square profiles, so it is important to select a linear bearing that is compatible with your equipment.  
The different types of linear bearing systems include:

  • Ball bearing slides
  • Roller slides
  • Dovetail slides
  • Compound slides
  • Rack slides

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Linear Actuator Systems from Leading Manufacturers

Universal Power Conversion, Inc. (UPC) can offer you both Linear Actuators and Linear Bearings to fit your application needs from various manufacturers, including:

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