Linear Actuators and Bearings

Linear motion systems are configured using linear bearings and guides and can range in size from compact systems designed to move printed circuit boards to large linear actuator systems that move components throughout a distribution center.
Linear actuators and linear bearings with a structural support create a linear motion system.  When a linear motion system is needed, you have two options: create, design, and then purchase the components and assemble it, or you can purchase a device that is already assembled. The assembled systems are referred to as Actuators and can be pneumatically, hydraulically, or electrically driven. Linear actuator systems are utilized by several industries including packaging, material handling, medical, and food processing.

We Provide Linear Actuator Systems Designed for a Wide Range of Uses 

When selecting linear bearings and guides for your linear actuator system, it is important to consider load capacity as well as the speed, acceleration, travel smoothness and positioning accuracy requirements of your operation.