Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are mechanical devices that use hydraulic oil or other fluids to transmit force in a linear motion. Hydraulic cylinders are often used because they can handle large, heavy loads and can produce large amounts of forces. Hydraulic cylinders have many applications and are commonly employed in construction equipment, manufacturing machinery, and civil engineering. 

Universal Power Conversion, Inc. (UPC) offers high-performance hydraulic cylinders from Starcyl Cylinders. These hydraulic cylinders can accommodate loads as high as 3,000 PSI (varies by model) and are available in a variety of configurations to meet your unique needs.
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Starcyl Hydraulic Cylinders:

  •  Starcyl ST4 Light Duty Cylinder
  •  Starcyl ST5 Medium Duty Cylinder, 1000 PSI
  •  Starcyl ST6 Heavy Duty Cylinder, 3000 PSI

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