Feeding Technology

Today's world is fast moving, and the world of manufacturing is no different.  Manufacturers in industries like Automotive, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Products, Electronics, are always looking for efficient production with high accuracy and quality. 
Automation feeding systems help increase consistency and efficiency by automatically separating bulk parts, then placing them in a specified orientation so they can be fed into the production line. The speed of these systems can vary, with capabilities of 1,000 parts or more being dispensed per minute. They are more efficient than hand sorting and can be completely customized to meet the requirements of virtually any automated application. Some of the parts that can be sorted by automation feeding systems include coils, fasteners, medical device components, electronic parts, tubing, and more.
There are several types of feeding systems available that can be fully customized to meet a range of application requirements. Important considerations in choosing an automation feeding system include product volume, properties of the material type of part being sorted, feed rate and part orientation.

Automation Feeding Systems Help Increase Production Line Efficiency

Universal Power Conversion, Inc. (UPC) provides automatic feeding system solutions that help increase the efficiency of your production lines by streamlining your parts distribution process. Automatic feeding systems provide the consistency an