Linear Guides

  • Linear Guide Stopper

AR/HR/ER Linear Guides

CPC Linear Guides

Our CPC Linear Guides (Bal-Type) adopt the O-type arrangement for the four row, ball circulation design featuring high-load and high-stiffness. The contact angle between the rail and the ball is 45 degrees and realizes the 4 directions equal load capacity. CPC Linear Guides
Among the AR/HR/ER Linear Guide, two of the four circulation channels are positioned within the plastic accessories, reducing 10~20% of the block weight. Stainless steel reinforcement plate has scraper function and the L design fastens the screws onto the top and bottom of the runner block, which reinforces the rigidity of end caps and cladding; further enables the high speed movement of products.
Our AR/HR/ER CPC Linear Guides provide the preload class VC and V0 to enhance the tolerance of dimension and convenience of customers’ processed components and even reduce the cost of manufacturing work.
  • Tolerance of velocity
  • Four directions equal load capacity
  • Adopting the same rail with ARC/HRC/ERC
  • Block rotary hole design
  • Processed accessories match tolerance of dimension
  • Available for vertical (downward) and reverse (upward) bolting track rail
  • Excellent dynamic performance: Reach Vmax > 5m/s Reach amax > 300m/s2
  • Available for special surface treatment
  • Dust protection of double wipe blade design in the end seal
  • Standard type and reinforcement type

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WRC Wide Rail, Ball-Type Linear Guides

CPC WRC Linear Guides CPC WRC Linear Guides

The CPC WRC Linear Guide Series has a wide rail which can absorb larger torque from Mr direction. With the O-type arrangement for the four row ball circulation design, the contact angle between the rail and ball is 45 degrees which can realize the 4 directional load effects. In addition, the runner block for the same size uses larger and more balls, so will outperform competitor’s models by 10% to 30% regarding load capabilities. The products have characteristics of high load, high moment, and high rigidity.

  • Low-noise, high-quality, and high-speed patent ball chain
  • Reinforcement plate patent design
  • Lubrication Design
  • Dustproof design
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MR Miniature Linear Guides

CPC Linear Guides

Miniature Linear Guides CPC has invested enormous resources into the research and development of the MR Series Miniature Linear Guides. These miniature linear guides were developed as a key component for precision measurement and inspection instruments. The semiconductor equipment, electric and computer peripheral indutries are growing. And so too has the demand for the key components of automation that provide product miniaturization with high-functionality.

CPC linear guides are used exclusively in the machinery of today’s modern technology, in such areas as semiconductor equipment, small machinery, robotics, fixtures, tools, consumer OA products and computer peripheral equipment.

  • Designed for high-load, high-moment applications
  • Embedded, inverse hook design
  • Unique ball-recirculation design
  • Steel reinforcement plates ensure sturdy assembly and longer life
  • Built-in bottom seal
  • Lubrication storage
  • Comprised of stainless steel, processed material
  • P, H and N precision grades
MR Miniature Catalog Download

ST Miniature Stroke Linear Guides

ST Miniature Stroke Linear Guide Series CPC Linear Guides

  • High-load and high-moment capacity

  • High running accuracy and smoothness
  • Dual plate design; easy mounting
  • Anti-corrosion feature


MR Series – Metal Stopper on Rail

CPC Linear Guides

  • Metal Stopper on Rail To prevent the block separates from the rail during the transportation or the installation which may cause the item damaged or even scattered

  • Perfect plus for the rail installed on the vertical axis
    (Z axis) to prevent the block separates from the rail
    due to the gravity
  • Stoppers and the screws are all made of stainless steel material with anti-corrosion function
  • Strongly NOT recommended as the mechanical limited stopper being applied

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