Structural Aluminum Framing Systems

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Structural aluminum extrusions are made from various types of alloys and created using dies. The extrusion process allows for the creation of continuous, seamless profiles that are cut to desired lengths.  The interior of extruded aluminum framing systems has a cross-sectional design that improves structural stability to support heavier loads.
ANGLE-LOCK structural framing features a unique design that eliminates pivot points to maximize profile strength. The self-aligning design creates stronger joints and minimizes misalignment issues, giving you a stable extruded aluminum structure for a variety of applications.

Aluminum Framing Systems for Industrial Applications

Steel is a common structural material because of its strength, but aluminum extrusion materials are a comparable alternative. Extruded aluminum framing systems can be used to create a frame or base for a broad range of structures, either indoors or outdoors. ANGLE-LOCK framing is adjustable and easy to reconfigure for use in applications throughout your facility.
Some of the common uses for aluminum framing systems include:
  • Machine bases and stands
  • Cabinets
  • Walk-in enclosures
  • Workstations
  • Material handling systems
  • Perimeter safety guards

Benefits of Structural Aluminum Framing

Aluminum extrusions are lightweight and have an attractive appearance. The material is also easy to fabricate, allowing for more flexible and versatile designs. Customize the look and feel of your extruded aluminum structure with an option of different textures and finishes, including painting or anodizing.
Extruded aluminum meets standards for aesthetics and utility but provides several desirable physical characteristics, including:
  • Non-magnetic and non-combustible
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Withstands cold temperatures
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Reusable and recyclable

Discover the Difference of ANGLE-LOCK Structural Framing 

UPC is an authorized distributor of Controlled Dynamics ANGLE-LOCK aluminum framing systems. These incredibly stable systems are comparable to 80/20 aluminum framing and have a design that eliminates the hassle of frequently realigning and re-tightening profiles. Each aluminum extrusion features a mechanical locking design that pulls the joint into tension for maximized strength, even when subjected to heavy vibrations.
We offer lightweight and portable aluminum framing systems in clear, light bronze or black finishes to meet your needs. Choose from the 1-slot, 2-slot, 3-slot, 4-slot, 6-slot, and 8-slot profiles in metric and SAE dimensions. UPC also carries brackets, adapters, casters, feet, panels, and hardware to complete your aluminum framing system setup. 
Elimination of pivot points allows use of maximum profile strength and resists system dynamics Precision self-aligning components create stronger joints while minimizing misalignment Use of innovative fasteners and components eliminates the need for extra machining of profiles
Pre-assembled components reduce ordering time and confusion and allow for rapid assembly – just slide into position and tighten Superior architectural grade anodize finish provides excellent resistance to industrial and outdoor environments Bolt-on adaptation to most existing t-slot systems

Structural Aluminum Framing Resources

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