Pick & Place Components

Pick and Place Automation is usually part of an automation assembly system. These pick and place systems typically pick up components and place them into the fixture or parts nest for the assembly process. They are also used to pull components out of the system and position them for packaging or the next stage in the assembly process. Pick and place automation help maximize the efficiency of any automated assembly system by reducing labor costs and increasing production throughput. Universal Power Conversion, Inc. (UPC) distributes Pick and Place Components from R & I Manufacturing Company and Afag Automation.

Pick and Place Automation Components:

  • Rotary Actuators 
  • Parallel Grippers 
  • Angular Grippers 
  • Linear Thrusters 
  • Escapements Devices 
  • Bi-Directional Placement Devices 
  • Linear Slides 
  • Pick and Place Complete Units 

In 1968, R & I Manufacturing Company started out with a single product called the DURA-SLIDE linear positioning device. Since then, their product line has grown, along with the company's reputation for high-quality, low-cost part placement devices. From automatic parts to intricate electronic components, R & I grippers, escapements, slides, and pick-and-place units work hand-in-hand with the leading names in the automatic assembly business. 

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