Hydraulic Tee Adapters

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Tee adapters connect three flow sections in a T-shaped intersection. This design allows fluid flow to be combined or split apart, supporting a smooth and effective fluid transition between components. Hydraulic t fittings are perfect for joining three different pneumatic components that need to be mutually connected.

Universal Power Conversion stocks hydraulic tee fittings from Pressure Connections and other top brands. Select from tee fittings with different types of male and female connections and branch and run options. Explore our hydraulic tee fitting categories below to see all our in-stock options. We offer fast shipping and can source additional products by request.

Hydraulic Male and Female Tee Fittings in the Configuration You Need

Browse our wide selection of hydraulic hose tee fittings to find the right solution for your application. We offer male and female tees, branch tees, and run tees in standard thread sizes and different port styles. Please pick a category to see our inventory.

  • Hydraulic Female Tees: We offer steel and stainless-steel female hydraulic tee fittings in standard and swivel styles. These female tees feature NPT threads in sizes from 1/8 to 2 inches.

  • Hydraulic Male Tees: Choose from male tees, male branch tees, and male run tees in steel or stainless steel. Thread options include JIC, NPT, and ORB in standard sizes.

  • Hydraulic Branch Tees: Options include branch tees, female branch tees, female swivel branch tees, and swivel branch tees. Steel or stainless-steel body with JIC or NPT threads in sizes up to 1-1/4 inches.

  • Hydraulic Run Tees: These hydraulic hose tee fittings come in female standard, female swivel, male standard, and male swivel styles. Select from a steel or stainless-steel body and JIC or NPT threads up to 1-1/4 inches.

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