Bulkhead JIC Hydraulic Fittings

Bulkhead JIC Hydraulic Fittings
Bulkhead fittings are used to connect pipes to a tank or vessel and include unions, tee adapters, and locknuts.

Universal Power Conversion, Inc. can offer you a verity of Pressure Connections & SHF brand Bulkheads in Unions, Elbows and Tee configurations.  With thread options of National Pipe Thread (NPT), and 37° Flare (JIC). These fittings are offered both in Steel and Stainless Steel.
Bulkhead Unions feature two threaded ends in JIC or NPT sizes. Options include:
  • 45° Bulkhead Union Elbow
  • 90° Bulkhead Union Elbow
  • Bulkhead Union
  • Female Bulkhead Connector
  • Male Bulkhead Connector
Bulkhead Tees have a t-shaped configuration with JIC threads ranging from 1-1/16 (M) to /916 (M). Style options include:
  • Bulkhead Union Branch Tee
  • Bulkhead Union Run Tee
Bulkhead Locknuts are available with tube thread sizes ranging from 1-1/16-12 to 1-7/8-12.
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