Split Flange Adapters

  • Split Flange Hydraulic Fittings

Split Flange Fittings

Split Flange Adapters convert Code 61 or Code 62 flange ports to JIC or O-Ring Face Seal (OFS) connections. Ranging in sizes from ½” up to 2”, these adapters are a convenient way to replace expensive hose fittings.  They not only make hose alignment easy, but once in place the hose assembly can be replaced with standard hose swivel ends.

The 4-Bold Flange Design is used internationally for connecting hydraulic systems.  Split Flange halves work by clamping down on the port surface and compresses the O-ring into a metal groove in the flange head.  The flange head makes metal-to-metal contact with the port surface, leaving no place for the O-ring to extrude or deform under pressure.