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The options are endless.

Trans-DOT valves are revolutionizing the industry, delivering the highest quality at competitive prices. Based on a successful Alkon industrial design, Trans-DOT valves come in a large flow range for standard and low-temperature applications. They are developed to perform in even the harshest environments.

Universal Power Conversion is proud to be a premier supplier of ISO 9001:2008-certified Alkon Trans-DOT valves. We offer Alkon valves with everything from simple open/close functions to highly precise motion controls. Request a quote on our selection of Alkon Trans-DOT valves below, browse our selection by category below or feel free to contact a UPC expert with any question regarding our selection of Alkon pneumatic valves.

Trans-DOT Valve Specifications

While the features of each Trans-DOT valve vary by valve type, general specifications include:
  • Flow .5 – 4.00 Cv
  • Functions 2/2, 3/2, 5/2, and 5/3 blocked and exhausted center
  • Port Sizes 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” NPT standard
  • Pilot Pressure 40 psi standard, consult factory for other.
  • Temperatures See product specification.
  • Operating pressure See product specification.

Alkon Trans-DOT Valve Product Offering

Pressure Protection Valves

Pressure protection valves protect the system air supply from dropping below the minimum opening pressure of the valve due to air loss from downstream applications. A popular use for these valves is in air brake systems.

Manual Valves

These valves can be manual 5/2 and 3/2 push/pull or feature an air pilot or spring return reset. Knobs vary in diameter and color.

Air Pilot Valves

In 3/3 air pilot valves, air is normally closed when supplied to the #1 port. Air is normally open when supplied to the #3 port.
In 5/2 valves, air is normally supplied to port #1 but can also be supplied as dual pressure with air supplied to additional ports as a common exhaust.

Solenoid Valve

Universal Power Conversion supplies Alkon solenoid valves with double solenoid, spring return and spring return with manual lock override options. A screen mesh and internally vented through exhaust are available on all solenoid valves.

Specialty Valves

Alkon’s engineering capabilities, paired with customer requirements, make the opportunities endless. Current in-stock customized Alkon valves include solenoid valves with spring return valve stack, lift axle control valves and more.

Trans-DOT Valve Features

These durable valves include aluminum anodized bodies, aluminum spools and stainless steel springs for high performance in harsh environments. Available operators are manual, electric, air pilot and spring return. Metric and additional port sizes can be customized upon request. Valves can be panel or inline mounted and operated electrically, manually or via air pilot.
The Alkon “less is best” design makes for easy installation. All Trans-DOT valves are ISO 9001:2008-certified and made in the USA. 

Alkon Trans-DOT Valve Applications

Trans-DOT valves are specifically designed to hold up to the functions and demands of the transportation industry. Frequent applications include:
  • Air brake systems
  • Air suspensions
  • Cabin controls for trucks, trailers, RVs, buses, transit and rail

Contact UPC for Alkon Valves

While Alkon Trans-DOT valves are specialized for transportation uses, Universal Power Conversion stocks valves from Alkon and other top manufacturers for a variety of industrial applications.
Request a quote on Alkon Trans-DOT valves or Contact a UPC expert for more information on any additional pneumatic valves or valve products you might require.