ACK System

Interested in deploying DEL  DEL-ACK-Sysem
pneumatic controls but the 
application doesn’t have
air brakes or an air compressor?

The DEL ACK system offers
a way to introduce air to 
operate our controls in trucks 
without air.

ACK System Files

Kit Includes:

  • Oil-less operated Air Compressor/Motor

    • Features:

      • Heavy duty, permanently lubricated, low upkeep, thermal overload protected motor
      • Vibration isolated mounting feet
      • Remote Air Inlet
    • Ratings:

      • Voltage: 12 VDC
      • Max. Amperage: 18 Amps
      • Max Duty Cycle @ 72°F & 100 PSI: 25%
  • Compact and Efficient Air Tank for 2 function support

  • Water and Particulate Separator with Auto Drain

  • 14 GA Mounting Enclosure: Black Textured Powder Coated finish

  • Reinforced strap handle for ease of installation and relocation

Use our ACK system with our feathering air controls for a complete package!