Spring Feeding

AFAG Spring Feeder

The handling of the spring often causes a great challenge for workshops involved in assembly and installation work. Springs are typically supplied in bulk and are difficult to feed because they easily become tangled. Trying to untangle springs manually is time-consuming, which can increase assembly costs. As a more efficient alternative, these tasks can easily be carried out using spring separators that untangle and orient springs for automatic delivery to assembly points.

Spring Separators Are Efficient and Help Reduce Assembly Costs

Spring sorting machines help increase production line efficiency and are useful for cylindrical or conical spring shapes that interlock easily. Automatic feeder systems are easy to use and work with springs in a variety of lengths and diameters without the need for retooling.
When bulk springs are fed into glass bowl of the Afag FEG spring detangler and feeder, the system uses an air stream to agitate the springs and separate them. After separation, the untangled springs are fed through nozzles leading to nylon tubes that deliver the springs to a fixed location.
Afag’s spring separator unit operates with the use of a simple mini controller and consists of a glass feeding bowl with the outlets, a control cabinet and a column support with foot plate. Additional features of the Afag automatic sorting machine include:
  • Bowl holds up to 0.5 litre of springs
  • Can be fitted with up to 6 outlets
  • Feeds springs at a rate of up to 60 pieces per minute
  • Compatible with spring diameters of 1.5 - 6 mm and spring lengths 1.5 - 6 x d
The automatic feeding rate depends on the type and size of the spring being used and can be calculated by feeding one litre of springs through the unit. Contact us if you have questions regarding which type of spring separator is best for your application.

Automatic Spring Untangler Accessories

To create a customized spring untangler system, Universal Power Conversion offers the following accessories:
  • Automatic escapement for use with pneumatically actuated drawers for up to six springs
  • Manual pick off unit that meets ergonomic requirements for manual assembly applications
  • Pen escapement tool for releasing springs into tight spaces

AFAG Spring Feeder


How Spring Manufacturers Can Design Favorable Springs

Because of their design, springs become easily tangled and are often difficult to separate, even with the use of automated feeder system. Below are design recommendations that can help reduce issues and increase the efficiency of spring handling technology:
  • Include a few tight turns at the end to prevent springs from welding together
  • Increase rigidity by including 2-3 tight turns in the middle of the spring
  • Bend the wire at the larger end of a tapered spring through the middle to prevent tangling within a feeder tube
  • Add a few tight turns on each end of a barrel spring to prevent tangling within a feeder tube

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Spring handling technology provides an effective solution for your spring untangling needs. Request a quote for an automatic spring sorter today or contact UPC to learn more.