Flexible Feeding

AFAG Flexible Feeding

Automated sorting equipment increases production efficiency and helps reduce labor costs by automatically sorting and separating parts. Flexible feeding technology provides even more advanced feeding solutions by utilizing sensor-sorting equipment to recognize parts with incredible accuracy.  Designed for use with a robot, flexible feeding technology provides users with a solution to advanced sorting applications involving parts of varying sizes and geometries.

These systems work by using sensor technology to help the robot detect parts that have been dumped on a surface, regardless of size or orientation, then pick up the parts and sort them into the designated area. Ideal for efficient separation and orientation of small bulk materials, advanced sorting systems can feed a diverse range of parts regardless of surface texture, material type or geometry. Their compact design allows several modules to be placed parallel to each other to allow integration with multiple production processes.

Because of the high level of precision involved, these advanced feeding systems tend to be more complex and have a slower feed rate slower than vibratory feeders and other automated sorting equipment. They are not intended for high-speed applications and typically provide feed rates lower than 30 to 45 parts per minute. For applications requiring a higher PPM, you may want to consider vibratory feeding systems and other automation options tailored to feed large volumes of parts at a high rate.


Flexible Feeding Technology for Complex Geometries

For advanced sorting applications where precision takes priority over speed, flexible feeding technology is an idea solution. The aflex system component was developed as an intelligent component for complex requirements within the field of feeding technology for small parts. It is used in situations where efficient separation and orientation of bulk materials is required during feeding.

The aflex provides the highest level of flexibility for complex geometries and different batch sizes, and thereby maximizes production efficiency. With the flexible feeding solution, Afag provides a highly-standardized solution concept that mainly consists of the company’s own products. This advanced sorting system features a quick-change system for reduced retrofitting time and a modular concept with a diverse range of application and integration possibilities. It also has a simple installation and conventional BUS interfaces that provide numerous integration possibilities.  

Additional benefits of the aflex sensor-sorting feeding technology include:

  • Efficient separation of bulk materials
  • Adaptable conveyor sheets for use with multiple product types
  • Wear-free vibration modules for long service life
  • Programmable functions that adapt to the respective product
  • Designed for use with frequently chancing product versions
  • Interfaces for use with robot and axis systems
  • Optimal system integration via Ethernet

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