Project Specific Components

Project Specific Components

Afag also develops project-specific feeding components to meet major assembly challenges. They allow difficult tasks to be solved economically and reliably.

Conveyor Belts FB

Noise reduction cover LSH

  • Quicker and more efficient transport and sorting
  • Flexible engine motor positioning and simple assembly
  • Available with brake-coupling unit
  • Reduces the noise level by up to 20 dB(A)
  • Protects against soiling
  • Also available with plastic coating

Spring feeder device FEG

Drum Feeder

  • Untangling and feeding of coil springs
  • Simple operation via mini controller
  • Reduces assembly costs
  • Many available untangling systems allow the ideal adaptation to your individual application
  • Reliable untangling and sorting of coils and other conveyed items
  • Innovative solutions for difficult part geometries
  • High reliability due to automated dejamming mechanisms
  • Electric coil sorting with linear motor technology that can be deployed self-sufficiently



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