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AFAG Drum Feeder

Automation drum feeders are used to feed, sort and orient parts in pick and place and other automated applications. They are effective disentanglement systems that provide an alternative to vibratory bowl feeders for small, unstable components such as springs or bent tubes that can easily become tangled. Rotating drum feeders feature a quiet operation and can be used with one or more linear tracks to save space and increase efficiency.
Disentanglement systems are available in various sizes and are typically selected based on the size and type of component and desired feeding rate. As the drum rotates, components are fed into onto a linear track. The parts are then untangled and placed in the correct orientation for transportation to the pick and place equipment.

Benefits of using automation drum feeders include:

  • Ideal for parts with difficult geometries
  • Quickly and efficiently untangles and sorts coils and other components
  • Built with automated dejamming mechanisms to increase reliability
Rotating drum feeders are ideal for high volume industrial automation processes and typically have a quiet operation and take up little space. They are an effective and user-friendly feeding solution that helps reduce production downtime and increase efficiency.
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Industrial Automation Disentanglement Systems and Feeding Solutions

Universal Power Conversion provides Afag automation drum feeders that can be combined with a range of automation components to meet your line manufacturing requirements. Afag rotating drum feeders are designed as a compact partial or subsystem-level solution and are generally used to automatically untangle and separate springs and other small bulk material.

Standard features of Afag rotating drum feeder include:

  • Compact design
  • HLF linear conveyor with reactive force compensation
  • Stand-alone operation through integrated control system
  • Variable control of the drum rotation speed and linear conveyor speed
  • 8 digital outputs and 12 digital inputs
  • 2 analog outputs
  • 4 independent 3/2-valves
  • Operating temperature range of 0-40°C (32-104°F)
Additional components are also available to create a fully customized parts handling and feeding solution, including:
  • Covered filling chute with induction mechanism and pneumatic lock
  • Externally controlled blow-in unit for separation
  • Blow nozzles to provide additional disentanglement
  • Ionizing bar to control static electricity within the drum 

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AFAG Product Overview


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